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Scary Cat:
I bought some earring's off of e-bay last month.Got my ear's pierced Saturday,took the piercing they gave me out and put in the e-bay earring after getting pierced.The lady who did the piercing told me it would be ok only if I did it right away,and cleaned the earring off.Because otherwise i'd have to wait 6-8 weeks.And I really liked the earrings I bought off of e-bay.And couldn't wait that long.Now i'm scared if the ebay earring was infected.What should I do?What should I do??? :'(

There is NO WAY you can get HIV through earrings you get in the mail. PLEASE read the "welcome thread" at the bottom of this post to learn the transmission vectors for HIV.

Scary Cat:
The only welcome thread I see is at the top of the forum.And why do you say I cannot get hiv through earrings recieved in the mail?anyway trust me I wan't you to be right,but I really am scared.I have a BIG appetite and I only ate one slice of pizza today,and I had to force myself to eat that one as well as drink a glass of soda.Followed by a breakdown in the shower.


You get HIV from unprotected anal and/or vaginal sex. Thats it.

Scary Cat:
You can also get it through sharing needles,Such as injecting drugs,Sharing Tattoo and piercing needles,as well as unprotected sex.I read this all over the internet.


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