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Title: Im in dallas tx, id like to meet
Post by: jtgymguy on August 17, 2012, 07:28:53 am
Women who also have hiv and someday start a family but all i find is gay man. What are ways i can meet woman. I think its gonna be hard to find a hiv - who would want to be exposed to hiv
Title: Re: Im in dallas tx, id like to meet
Post by: Ann on August 17, 2012, 07:48:28 am
JT, I've removed your thread from the Women's forum because as a man, you are not permitted to post there.

You may notice that some of the individual forums have Welcome Threads stickied to the top of their index pages. Where these Welcome Threads appear, you need to read them because they sometimes contains specific posting rules that apply to that specific forum.

You're not necessarily going to "expose" an negative woman to your virus. Condoms will prevent exposure and casual, daily contact is not going to expose anyone to your virus either.

Once you're on meds and have an undetectable viral load, the chances of you passing on your virus in the event of say, a condom break, is about as close to non-existent as you can get. Are you aware that poz/neg couples are having children these days "the old fashioned way", with neither the neg woman nor the baby ending up hiv positive?

While I fully understand that many people prefer to only date other poz people, don't sell yourself short and think that dating hiv negative women is out of the question. I've known plenty of poz/neg couples where it's not an issue. You may want to read the blogs of Shawn Decker (http://blogs.poz.com/shawn/), who is an hiv positive man married to an hiv negative woman, to gain some insight and encouragement.

BTW, I don't think I said it before so.... Welcome to the forums! :)