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A Bit of Inspiration for the Newly Diagnosed 💋🌤🌟


On January 20, 2006 I was diagnosed with HIV. It was a cold day on a Friday. When I learned of the results I blanked. I felt faint. I was 20 yrs old at the time. So you can imagine my 21st birthday (😭😣)All I could ask the nurse was, "Am I gonna die?"  I went to my room (I was a junior in college) and cried myself to sleep. I distanced myself from so many. I was hurt and embarrassed. How could I have allowed this to happen to myself? No one will want me.
.....15yrs later...... I'm still here.
I started out on Atripla. Took it for years. Obtained an Undetectable viral load. Then switched to Stribild, Genvoya and now Triumeq which I've been on the past few yrs. (I switched so much due to other health reasons. )

This is not the end. When you're diagnosed it feels as if life is drowning you but there's a bright side. I am healthy with an Undetectable viral load. I know it's tough. The tears, beating yourself up for certain choices. But STOP✋🏾 You can't change the past. And who knows, crazy things happen for weird reasons. Use it to inspire. To educate and bring awareness. Sometimes you can only relate to a person if they're going through the same thing you are. Be that inspiration. Be that hope for someone. You can live...and thrive...and survive.  And if anyone tries to make you feel bad...f*** them and everything that comes along with them. Stay strong. Stay powerful. Stay you. Stay positive. It'll all be fine. Just like wine..It'll all be fine. 😘❤🧡💛💚💙💜


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