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Update on lab results


Got my labs back today! My viral load went from 140,000 to 47 in 5 weeks. Also my liver enzymes are back to normal. Question though, does 47 copies mean Im undetectable? Or will the lab say undetectable.

Jim Allen:
That's great results for only 5 weeks.

Anything under 200 for 6+ months is considered UD in terms of passing on the virus sexually.

Treatment wise, it's still generally accepted anything under 50 copies is fully suppressed/UD for best outcomes, give it a few more weeks or months though and the result should be even lower than you have now.  ;)

As for when the lab report will read UD, that depends on when (if) the VL drops below the measuring threshold of the lab equipment used.

Thatís awesome! Iím shocked at how effective the medication is and itís been a huge relief. Thanks for clarifying that!


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