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Just tested positive and working though complicated emotions TLDR

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Hey man,

I completely hear you. I'm going on almost a year since my diagnosis and I've had a hard time telling anyone about my diagnosis. Even talking extensively about it with those who do know. But I also think this allows me time to reconcile and work on myself without the added pressure of having to explain it all to others. You have no obligation to anyone but yourself.

I can tell you this. I am healthier and more focused since the diagnosis. In a way getting this slap of reality made me more focused on caring for myself and my life.

It's a journey and we take it a day at a time. Stay strong my friend.

@aj1989 I finally told my mom last week actually! I havenít checked the forum for a second because of school and work, but she responded pretty rough initially, and then had a full 180 and is in full mom support mode. Shes even been doing her own research about medications etc. and itís nice to see that unconditional support. Iím actually really glad I told her, and I feel like itís made us closer and we can be more real with each other.

That is awesome! My parents and siblings did the exact same thing of researching everything! Lol it will definitely die down once they see you are doing well on the medication!  Here and there I still get the challenging mental days, but I don't think that will go away.  But so happy to hear you have that mom support! There is nothing better!!


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