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 diagnosed with this devil poison in my blood on last 16 Jan . Even im without any psycho therapy or any family or friends support due to where i live temporary , is completely stigma and legal issues for this virus i cant go back to my country’s due to again stigma and i will drag my parents to this hell. And again even i cant access to treatment or medicine due to sort of issues. Currently after doing 24x7 searching all over the world manage to get some medicine from south africa thanks to dr who helped me instantly but yet my life is only safe for a 3 months with medicine and again run out medicine and have to find a way to go to find some tablets to save my life temporary. Cd4 760, V load 11,450. The again i found so many countries reject migration because of hiv. Person who face more than enough challenges and again whole world is against me. Reject me isolate me. I no find god anymore.


First, i am sorry for what you are going through. I want to assure you that just like many other members in this forum, i feel you and i do understand you.

Can you please introduce yourself and where are you from? i may help you.


Hello hi,

There is lots of caring ppl all over the world. Most of the time it is only government regulation that’s sucks. I understand you frustrating. I am sure there are options available.

Like what Light ask, where are you now? It will help others members to reply knowing better where are you from. A good start is to approach NGO for help. Tks 

Jim Allen:

Sorry to hear about the problems you are facing. Like others have said if you feel comfortable sharing what region you are located it might help people give more specific support.

I moved your post into its own thread, its the rule here to not post issues in other peoples threads and as a newbie to the forum you needed an introduction thread.

Anyhow hope you can sort out the supply issues with the meds soon.

Best. Jim

Thank you for everyone. Im originally from south Asia but as same as most of us doing is fly to where i live at the moment for finding jobs and earn some money but yet its a wrong place for HIV and sexual orientation.  I could go away from the pressure for the marriage but again it end up with turning the life 360’ degrees.
My temporary resident place is ok as long as hide my status but once they find it , job termination , legal issues deportation and if i go back to home country, im gonna face poverty plus social stigma , not only for me but also my parents. And i cant get risk of our lives there.  So far i can try to survive as long as my job is with me. But which is unpredictable at what time im gonna face my deportation due to some official duty license renewal routine for the job and which is coming after 6 months. Now im daily sending email to some organizations and plan to run away looking a second chance to live not for a fancy life. Life is hard and it makes hardest by social stigma and capitalism. Which is cost our lives than what hiv does. Sometimes society is killing me than the virus: victims of hiv needs more support than any other, but yet what happened is getting ignored by whole world while talking so called socialism everywhere. Im ready to fight until the last breath.


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