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I just tested positive this week.   I feel like since then, I am waking up to a different world, where I feel angry, scared, sad, emotional, depressed and then optimistic reading everyone's posts and reading about the advances these days.  It sucks that there is a pandemic going on which limits a lot of the things I feel would help me (i.e. support groups).   I have my first appointment w/ a doctor next week and I am unsure if I need to do anything from now until then?   Alot of the informaiton online can be overwhelming!!  I appreciate everyone sharing their journeys, and now I  have my own.  I am open to suggestions on ways to emotionally cope with this and thank you in advance!

Jim Allen:

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis.

I understand it can be a shock and a lot to digest. Most of us have been through this, hang in there, just take it one day at a time for now. When you say you tested positive how did you test, what test?

As for reading information online I bet it's being overwhelming, I would say try not to overdo it at the moment.

What important next is getting onto treatment and your doctor will recommend what treatment combination will best suit you best based on some test results. There is some easy to digest information in the POZ lessons here:

For now I'm going to ask you to only post in this one thread. Feel free to post any question you might here and people will chime in to offer any support they can.

Take it easy.

Best, Jim

Thanks Jim!
I went to may primary doctor for my regular STD/ HIV labs and he called me saying I was HIV positive.  It was not the rapid testing.   Do you think I should take that test again somewhere? 
Appreciate your advice!

Jim Allen:

Yeah, it's just a screening test, with a reactive result not an diagnosis. So just try not to overthink things or presume anything until next week after the Doctors appointment and confirmation testing & results have come back.

Best, Jim

Jim Allen:

Totally understand this is stressful but try to live your life as normal in the meantime and if you have question then feel free to ask here in this thread but don't get ahead of things until it's confirmed.

Keep us posted. Best, Jim


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