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Hello All...glad I came across this site.

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Welcome to the forum, Brian. 

I We know what you mean about the side effects, they suck!  At first I started out without too much problem, but then the trots started getting more frequent.  I just now include two generic Immodium pills with my doses in the AM and PM.  Just another pill, and a real small one! 

Again, welcome!

Welome Brian.

I'm happy you found this forum.
It really has the greatest and most helpful,
caring people.
Stick around here awhile with us!!!

Kelly ;D

Hey Brian,

Welcome! I am glad you found us and hope you stick around and make yourself at home.

Regarding your meds, I haven't taken any of them, so I can't really say anything other than what already has been suggested.

I'm still taking AZT, 3TC and Crixivan. Yep, an old med regimen for an old fart! (LOL)

I live in Northwest New Mexico. Its been a tad toasty, upper 90s to low 100s. The bad part is the humidity has been up to 50 percent recently. UGH! But, what's a guy to do beside get naked (at home) and loll in front of the evaporative cooler.

Again, welcome and I look forward to hearing more from you. By the way, I love the eye of Horus you have.



Hey Brian,
I 2 don't know much about meds but just wanted 2 say hello and welcome.


Hey Brian welcome to the group. I'm suffering along with you in this heat.  It was hot even when I was hanging out at the pool earlier today.   
I take truvada but have not had the side effects you are mentioning. I hope it is only temporary for you.


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