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Good evening everyone,

I don’t even know where to start with…
I am exposed to blood at work as I do surgeries and I had only 2 partners last year who told me they were negative…

My testimony is not only about having been tested positive to Hiv but how …

I was living in Dubai and had a successful career and social life until the day I went to renew my visa (medical check with blood test including Hiv) and the nightmare began…

I was called to repeat a blood test on a specific day in a uncivilized supposedly medical center without being told why and what 3 days after the initial blood test.

After doing the next blood test, I am taken to a « repatriation » office who kept my passeport and told me to come back the next day without any explanation…

Of course after 3 days of insomnia and litres of wine and pills to sleep (suspecting something was wrong), I am told by an officer (not even a doctor) I need to leave the country within 3 days and I cannot take my passeport (my employer will give it me…) and I banned permanently from entering the country (As if I would ever go again to such a horrible fake country).

WELCOME TO DUBAI !!! It is not what you see on TV, it is the worst nightmare that does not respect humans unless they are cash cows…

I immediately booked a ticket within 3 days, left everything behind me (hopefully had some friends to take care of clearing my stuff…) and landed in Paris (finally civilisation and human respect) to be told I am positive to HIV since probably couple of weeks (work related? Sex related? No need to know, it is what is now and I have to take my vitamin pill like I call it hehe BIKTARVY)…

I believe things happen for a reason and my new medical
Condition made me leave this horrible place that does not have any respect for humans…

I do not wish for anyone to discover they are positive in such a way, I hope I can get off anxiety pills as this trauma is still affecting my sleep quality…

Best of luck for all

Jim Allen:

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but glad to hear that you have started treatment.
How is treatment going? Has the viral load already decrease? Are you taking any antibiotics to prevent infections, or were your CD4 counts still high?

Best, Jim

--- Quote ---WELCOME TO DUBAI !!! It is not what you see on TV, it is the worst nightmare that does not respect humans unless they are cash cows…
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---horrible place that does not have any respect for humans…
--- End quote ---

Not sure what's on TV but it sounds exactly as I had expected from your post. Prehaps nicer than I had imagined, even given other accounts I've heard over the years.

Good morning,

Thank you for your reply!

I started it 3 weeks ago and next check up is in July.
No need for antibiotics as I think the CD4 was within the norm.

No side effects at all of the treatment. Sleep is a big issue with nightmares but I think this is normal after such a traumatisme…

I just wanted to share my experience of Dubai to bring awareness for people who would think of moving there …. If they are free of HIV….

Hello,it's quite horrible to be deported because you have a condition. It is after all an extreme country (no matter how flashy and rich it gets).
How are you doing now ? Did you get a new job,are the meds ok with you? How are you feeling now in general?
I know bombarding you with questions won't help much but it's a good thing you left the place and are in a safer and more secure country (in terms of treatment and help). Hope everything is good now.

Thank you for your message Fabio.

Psychologically, I wouldn’t say I am 100% as I am waking up a lot during the night since 3 weeks with nightmares…

Or else, health wise, no change, I did not have any sign of infection…

For sure, this happened for a reason! Me to leave this horrible country…

This forum helped me alot reading all these positive feedbacks.

Thank you all


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