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It's 2020! Shouldn't Doctors stop asking you HOW you got HIV?

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It's not pertinent to how they set up your treatment plan! How you got it isn't their business is it?

ID Doc?

Not really but it helps them track how it is getting transmitted.
I've been poz 26 years and still get asked. 

It's not just ID doctors though, it's Nurses in Emergency clinics, Urgent cares, general practitioners. I just moved back to Missouri from Texas and ever single medical professional has asked me how I got it! It's uncalled for and frankly none of their business. I've been Poz since 1987.

Damn that sucks!.. but I'm not surprised it happens in states like Missouri.. "Are they that ignorant or are they fucking with me?",  is what would be going through my head. That seems like harrassment and borderline discrimination.. I so empathize with you.

After moving to Oregon the only questions I was asked was, What med I was on, Did I have enough medication, How long have I been poz, Information about my previous doctors and lab results.. all reasonable questions. And before that in Florida, only the guy from the health department went into a bit of the personal stuff but he was quite polite about it, probably bc he was gay, so I wasn't offended.. I knew they were only trying to prevent further infections.

It's weird but I think bc I've been treated decent here, I've been more comfortable discussing my status with others without that stigma I'd put myself through. I really feel better about myself.

I'm so sorry you're going through this. How do you respond to them?

I just tell them, you don't need to know how I acquired HIV to treat me. I chose not to answer that question. Or something to that effect. I'm polite but firm in telling them I believe it's an inappropriate question  as it has no bearing on how my treatment plan will be formulated. For what it's worth, I have no problem discussing my status, but my sex life is nobody's business.


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