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MitchMiller:  many co-pay cards are not based on net worth, cash flow, or income.  You would have to check what is available for your specific antiretroviral and the pharmaceutical manufacturer of that drug (which would offer the co-pay assistance).

Furthermore, some insurance carriers do, indeed, count that co-pay assistance as if it were your own contribution to your yearly out of pocket (though it's true that some insurance carriers over the past few years are not allowing such assistance to count).  Again, one would need to check with their individual carrier.

In other words, it's a matter of the specific antiretroviral and the insurance carrier, so one size may not fit all.

In my case (Atripla), I find my co-pay assistance card to be extremely valuable.

Thanks Ptrk3.  Fortunately, I've begun receiving all the backlog of medications I had ordered.  I should have a small order arriving tomorrow, and another one in the pipeline.  If it arrives in a couple months, I'll be stocked until the middle of June 2021.

I fear events could spiral out of control here in the US, causing a disruption of flights to this country.  The country where my pharmacy is located, stopped all flights to the US, including cargo, earlier this year.  I suspect they may suspend flights this fall and possibly not resume until after flu season is past in 2021... so I wanted to be fully stocked.  POZ also has an article posted warning of potential HIV medication shortages, including two medications I take that are widely used:  EFV and Abacavir.  Hopefully a CV-19 vaccine will soon be identified and proven.


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