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Does anyone have experience with Patient Assistance Programs in the US?

I am in a bit of an unfortunate situation. I was diagnosed around three years ago while living in the UK and had been living there and accessing my medications (Truvada and Isentress) through the NHS. I returned home to the US and am in the process of applying for another UK visa, but obviously I have been delayed due to the coronavirus.

I currently do not have health insurance in the US, and I only have about four weeks left of medication. I tried to order some from a reputable pharmacy online, which sells generic meds, but their services have been put on hold due to the lockdown in India. I am trying to fill out and submit PAPs for Merck and Gilead, which I hope to complete this upcoming week.

Does anyone have any information on the acceptance rate for these programs? Or does anyone have any experiences that they can share about dealing with them? I'm starting to get panicky with all that is going on.

Thanks in advance.


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