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Starting Medicare this year


Hi all.  Later this year I will be on Medicare. I am a retiree.  I called my union and a representative said that since I will add a supplemental plan to part A and B that I would not need to sign up for Part D for meds.  Was this the proper advice.  Is there a conflict?   Also would it be wise to sign up for Plan G or N in addition?  Thanks in advance.

I did just read on the website that if I do sign up for Part D for meds I could lose my union prescription benefits.  So I guess I got the correct advice.  Very confusing.  LOL.

Your union program probably has the equivallent of a supplemental program like G or N, ask. It needs to be applied for in the open enrollment period.   Also some state ADAP programs have insurance programs that can pay the premiums and copays. 

Thanks expat for your help.  A first meeting last week and later with union and with labor relations/healthcare reps should help.  The rep said NO on apart D and said no one with our retiree choices takes plan N, G or the alphabet plans as far as she knows. So that's a start. 

Jody...not seeking brownie points, LOL but I guess I'm feeling nostalgic as I go back at least 20 years with what we knew as and tried to get assistance and give whatever help and advice as possible.  Mostly, looking back as my best cyber advice wss to just live, enjoy and try not to let AIDS ruin every day for you.  There will be enough issues, sure, but do the best you can.  Hope I can pop in more often.



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