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McKesson no longer processing co-pay card rebates


Hey everyone,

I use express scripts for my Genvoya, and they do not accept the co-pay cards so I pay out of pocket.  For the last several years, I could submit a rebate form to McKesson and they'd send a check to reimburse what I paid.

Well, it seems this year McKesson has discontinued that rebate program, so I called Gilead (877-505-6986) and they were quite helpful.  They are sending me new forms that I should be able to use receive my rebate, direct from Gilead I assume.  I haven't gone through the process yet, but it seems promising, so I thought I'd post this in case anyone else is having the same issue.


I use Atripla and have Express Scripts as well.  Get a 90 day supply from them.  I have a high deductible plan with a $3700 deductible (covers my spouse and I) and after that 20% copay.  I as well had to call the new company to get a new card and they sent forms.  I'll admit they were really nice.  The company is called TrialCard. 

I got my first fill this year at the beginning of January.  I had to pay the $3700 deductible plus 20% of the rest.  So for 90 days was apporx. 7700.00 and my total came to 4500.00.  In past years, I would send the invoice to McKesson and they promptly sent a check for the amount.  This year, the new company is refusing to pay because they don't believe it would cost that much.  Apparently they don't understand deductibles.  The next refill won't be that high and eventually my spouse and I will hit the out of pocket max for the year and then the insurance company will pay 100%.

I called Gilead themselves to report the issue with the new company, so they are looking into it as well.  I faxed to TrialCard (because apparently their company doesn't have email) information on my plan showing the 3700.00 deductible and anything else I could find from Express Scripts to show that I paid the 4500.00.

Obviously I'm not the only one with a high deductible plan as these plans are much more common now.  Just wondering if anyone is having this issue? 

I have yet to hear back from them if what I provided was enough for them to issue the refund.  If it is I'll post again, so anyone else knows to send in more information then they ask for on the form.  If it doesn't work, it seems like the co-pay card for rebates is worthless as the company is refusing to honor the program rules.


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