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Disclosure for work accident insurance in Switzerland


Serious topic here.
My work is changing their accident cover (itís a must in Switzerland), and the insurance questionnaire includes the question have you ever taken a hiv test and was the result positive?.
Our secretary asked me to fill it out and return it to her. I donít want her or anyone else to know. My boss knows, and heís super supportive, but he also suggested for me not to tell anyone else as their reactions are not predictable.
Do I have to disclose my status in this way? Is it illegal to tick ďnoĒ in the form?
She will see the form for sure when I give it back to her, as she is very nice and will check it to make sure I did it right. But I just donít want to make it common knowledge, itís my private thing. Basically there is no way I can avoid her and ultimately the rest of my office knowing if I tick yes. What do you suggest I do ?

Whow. Thatís a tricky situation. I would be concerned if you provide knowingly wrong information and in case you have a work-related accident whether you are covered. I would consult with an attorney to get legal advice on this (probably employment attorney), and explore if there is any way to submit your information directly to the insurance provider. I must say my first gut response was to not disclose your status but then I thought more.

Best of luck, Matt

I will surely first discuss this with my manager who knows, then will follow his/ her advice. Personally, I believe this information is private and the fact that you are worried that all the office will know is a sign.

I can't speak for European laws or swiss ones in particular.  I find it odd an employer would be able to even ask.  Hipaa laws are exceedingly strict in the US.  My employer only gets to know which insurance company I picked and that I got an annual exam. 

If I were you I would contact the workman's comp provider directly.  There has to be a way to complete a form like that confidentially.  Standard accident policy in the US is to treat all fluids as an infection risk.  I understand coverage provider asking, I don't understand the lack of discretion.

It is a matter between you and your insurer, not you and you e.ployer. submit your correctly filled out form in an envelope marked 'private and confide tial,' .  In the U likely eve t there was a leak, that would create an evidence trail directly to the person you submitted the form to.

Also seek advice from your trade union. You are a member aren't you?


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