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New insurance carrier question with co-pay assistance


Hi experts,

I need to switch to a new insurance carrier for next year and have a few questions.

(1) Is there a general preference between UHC and Aetna? Both offer exactly the same coverage and terms. The only difference is the network they have and the claim process.

(2) The carrier for next year's RX plan changed. They can no longer provide 3-month supply via local pharmacy and has to go through their mail service. How do I apply the co-pay cards in this case? Can I pay upfront with my credit card and then make separate claim with the drug company for the co-pay reimbursement?

If it can be done this way, is there any considerations that I should pay attention to? (I'm using the Gilead co-pay card, and couldn't find any info on their website regarding the process to pay upfront and get reimbursed later).

Thanks a lot!


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