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I'm working on getting my Triumeq Rx filled and I just saw the new total cost of the Rx.  When I got it filled on 11/1 it was $2,888.20 but now just 20 days later it is showing $3,611.70. 

It could be that I'm a few days early for them to fill but the specialist just submitted it as I needed a renewal so I was shocked they started to process it. 

Has anyone else seen a steep spike in the total cost of their Rx?


Hi all.  Luckily my Rx final cost came in at the normal price.  It was increased as I was a few days early on filling. But why a different price?  That seems so stupid. 

I've had a similar issue.  I have United Health along with co-pay assistance for Triumeq through VIIV.   My co-assistance ran out last month so for the first time in 5+ years I had to pay $250 some.   Now my insurance doesn't even want to cover my next refill, likely because I hit my out of pocket cost.
   I did see a total of around $3600 when I attempted to refill it.   What's worse, OptumRx aka BriovaRx, didn't even bother to call me.   I attempted to refill it online a week ago, 2 days later that order just disappeared from there website.   So I did it again, and this time I chatted with an agent to learn my insurance wasn't going to cover.   oy vey   OptumRx use to be so well at making sure my medicine was filled on time, almost to an annoyance as they'd call several time.
 Still waiting on my Dr from Nebraska Medical to correct this.    I been on meds since 2009 and never ran into any issues through 3 different insurance companies and went from Atripla to Triumeq.   


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