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TAT Monoclonal Antibody Trial Fails - Will Try Higher Dosage


 BioInvent reports the result from the clinical study in HIV
[2006-05-29 8:45]

Lund, Sweden: BioInvent International AB (SAX:BINV) announces today that the results from the clinical phase I/IIa trial of BI-201, its drug candidate for the treatment of HIV infection, shows the drug to be well tolerated but shows no reduction of the HIV levels with the investigated dosing. Based on the recommendation by the investigators BioInvent consider to amend the study protocol to include more patients on higher doses than was used so far.

"By adding more patients on higher doses to the study we hope to achieve in addition to a good safety profile the goal of decreased virus levels. Given that we obtain the necessary regulatory approvals our judgement is that the results will be available before yearend." comments BioInvent“s CEO Svein Mathisen.

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Too bad....let's hope a higher dosage is anti-viral. I wonder what models they used before the started the trial? Anyone know about this one?


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