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Hello everyone,
I am a 22 year old guy and on may 13th I have been with a girl, but no penetrative sex occurred. I have rubbed my penis on her vagina, but she still had her panties on. At some point the panties got wet with sexual fluids, but I don't know if they were mine or hers. When she removed her panties I touched her labia with my bare penis tip for a few seconds, but without any obvious rubbing, also, it was far away from the vaginal duct entrance. I am afraid I might be at risk because of my exposure to vaginal fluids on both instances via the foreskin of my penis, I have also fingered her before this so I could have brought some deeper fluids on her labia. I have also received a blowjob but as far as I understand it is nil risk. What about the other 2 instances of rubbing? I am experiencing flu symptoms. Thanks for your help

Jim Allen:
Read your post three times, you received a blowjob, touched, fingered and rubbed against her, zero HIV risk to you.

Move on with your life.

Here's what you need to know to reduce your HIV risks:
Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse correctly and consistently, with no exceptions. Consider talking to your healthcare provider about PrEP as an additional layer of protection against HIV and get vaccinated against HPV, Hepatitis A & B.

Keep in mind that some sexual practices described as safe in terms of acquiring HIV still pose a risk for other easier-acquired STIs. So please do get tested at least yearly for STIs, including but not limited to HIV, and more frequently if condomless intercourse occurs.

Also, note that it is possible to have an STI and show no signs or symptoms; testing is the only way to know.

Kind regards


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