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So I just messed my life up

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Ruined Life:
Not taking anything other than what they have subscribed. I just feel my energy levels are increasing rapidly, Iv been going on long walks on rough ground and not getting tired, Im doing push ups as a release and sex drive has sky rocketed.

Jim Allen:
Well that's all good, excellent 👍

Jim Allen:
Look you had untreated HIV impacting your body & immune system and costing you energy, and now you started treatment your body isn't having to fight a loosing battle and a return of energy is a good sign, enjoy it.


--- Quote ---now you started treatment

--- End quote ---
don't discount the related benefits of this point!

Treatment not only will improve your physical health by knocking HIV out of the way so your body can heal; but it helps you improve mentally and emotionally by just knowing you are fighting HIV, along with continuing to move through the upheaval in your life. Moving forward and knowing that you are getting healthier is a huge boost to your emotional and mental health. The benefits of those kinds of improvements should never be discounted because good emotional health and good mental health are almost as important as medication for a patient to make a recovery ;)


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