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Update - Just under a month since DX

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--- Quote from: idontknowhowbuthereitis on April 19, 2024, 08:05:13 pm ---Thank you for your kind words and for taking time out of your day to respond. is great because it has a diverse membership (God bless the internet) and yes there are different opinions but everyone is in the same club. That being said, the general sentiment is respectful and kind-hearted, which is not always the case on the internet.

It's a great forum to vent, and document our own unique and highly personal experiences and hopefully, others who get recently DXd can take some sort of comfort and learn from others' journies (as I have done scrolling through historic forum posts).

medication is a game changer - we are blessed in those regards.

The active contributors to poz are truly unsung heroes.

--- End quote ---

You are absolutely not alone. Iím glad youíre here, and able to contribute to this wonderful space.


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