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Has HIV given or increase your anxiety or depression? Or is it just life?

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My moods have been worse of late.  I see topics of HIV affecting mental health and I wonder if is the HIV or the mental thought about it itself that cause the mental issues.

I'm 55 and have known I'm positive for the past 24 years.  I remember be anxious and depressed about certain things growing up and yet I kept going.  I always saw the Sun at the end of the tunnel.  Now a days, I see a light at the end of the tunnel and it flickers from time to time.

Anyone else feel this?  From time to time?  Is it the HIV affecting our brain chemistry? Is it getting older?  Is it the world we live in?

Random thoughts, thought I'd share and see if anyone wants to chime in.

bubba hugs!


            ojo.          Hello there, my dear friend!Ö In my case, I have never felt anxiety or depression, because of HIV, when I have felt anxiety yes because of my pains. I donít take any medication for pain especially for neuropathies because they donít help me but when I canít handle the pain, I get a little bit anxious and I take a Xanax 5 mg.Ö Iím sorry about the way that you feel, and I always think about you. Sending you a bear hug and hang in there.

Ps. sorry for the typos.


--- Quote from: Tonny2 on April 07, 2024, 03:41:51 pm ---Iím sorry about the way that you feel, and I always think about you. Sending you a bear hug and hang in there.
Ps. sorry for the typos.

--- End quote ---
Thank you kiddo!  Your kind words always fill my heart with joy and hope.
I mean that.  I know we've never met in person and have only corresponded here but you've always been honest and uplifting.
I think you nearly every day, not to be creepy, and I hope and pray for you.

Bubba hugs from Texas kiddo!!


               ojo.            Hi there!, I feel the same about you, I wish I had the wisdom to tell you what to do to make you feel better, but I only can send you a hug hoping that makes you feel that you are not alone and you can count on me whenever you feel down or you need someone to talk to, Iím always here for you. You always put a smile in my faceÖ More hugs from Ohio.

I am very new to the club, so my opinion is probably not that relevant.

That being said,

I think with any chronic illness you naturally get increased chances of anxiety or depression, regardless of HIV or something else. And as you get older, I guess the "stakes" get higher (with health in general) which wears one down.

Best thing we can all do is take our meds, rely on our respective support groups, be it online or in real life, and try and stop and smell the roses and be thankful what we have.

Easier said than done.

Treat yourself and be kind to yourself.

For example, the meds I am on, no one really knows what will happen in 30 years time, completely outside of our control, I am riding it out like a bad acid trip


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