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Bariatric / Weight-loss Surgery for HIV Patients


Hi lovely people. Wanted to ask if you happen to know or come across HIV patients who have undergone weight loss surgery (e.g sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass)?

How was the experience in terms of maintaining virological suppression and ensuring your ART meds are being absorbed properly even with a smaller stomach with and/or rerouted intestines.

Thank you

Interesting question. I donít know the answer but Iíll be keeping an eye out here. I hadnít really thought about the implications of reducing the stomach, when considering nutrition absorption.

Ps- love the bold screen name

I had bariatric surgery about 3 years ago.   At my consultation, I shared my status with the surgeon who didn't bat an eye.  He noted it on the file and never mentioned it again.   I also consulted my HIV doc.   No changes were made to my Dovato regime.    I skipped one dose the day of my surgery but took a dose the next morning when I woke up in the hospital for my single day stay.   Note that I did have to bring my own Dovato because the hospital didn't stock it regularly.    I've had no blips in my viral load or changes to my CD4.   What did happen was that I lost 124 pounds, am no longer pre-diabetic and was able to cut out my statin for high cholesterol and retired my sleep apnia mask as well.    I did have to take Ursodiol for 6 months post surgery and was careful to not take my bariatric vitamins at the same time as my Dovato. Oh, and sex, dating, etc.... 1000% better now....   


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