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PSA elevated


I do testosterone pellet therapy, my PSA is above 4, previously never
Been above 2 and I get the pellets every three months. Could Biktarvy or Bactrim cause the elevated number? My urology appointment is not for two weeks, just wondering.


Jim Allen:
The short answer is, no and there are plenty of reasons for an increased PSA that are not doom and gloom.

However, talk to your doctor and as it's only a single result I would redo the labs.
Just as a general note, not specific to this, you have AIDS and started treatment. What I mean by that, is things can get worse at first, as your immune system recovers and wakes up. Infections and problems previously ignored will start to be attacked and cause symptoms, issues, and inflammation despite not knowing you had them before. As for the HIV treatment, this can throw some labs off like cholesterol example before they should settle. I'm just mentioning this as a head-up so you are not surprised. 

Talk to the doctor, try not to worry or jump to conclusions.

Jim Allen:
Oh BTW did you get the Hep B result confirmed?


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