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Hi folks,

I was switched today from Delstrigo to Dovato. Although I was feeling perfectly well on Delstrigo, a DEXA scan revealed significant BMD loss and so I was switched to Dovato.
I was warned about the possible neuro psychiatric adverse effects of DTG in Dovato and so those of you who had been on this regimen, could you share your experience so far?
Thank you,

Diagnosed 04.2013 VL 5300/CD4 535
08.2017 RPV+ABC/3TC VL <40/CD4 630
09.2023 DOR/TDF/3TC  VL <20/CD4 1140
12.2023 DTG/3TC  VL n.a./CD4 n.a.

Jim Allen:
I have been taking DTG since 2014. It's been excellent for me, but it's not everyone's cup of tea.

There are plenty of stories of people with great experiences and some not-so-great, just like any drug. Try it and see if it works for you, and if not, switch. Good luck.

Jim Allen:
I should mention it's been excellent 99% of the time. I did get nightmares & insomnia at first, but I switched to taking it in the morning, and that settled down.

Thanks a lot, Jim! Much appreciated.

Hi, I have been on Dovato since it was introduced to the market, UD since then and happy. Having vivid dreams occasionally triggered by life stress but aside of that no observations. I havenít missed a single dose and take it when I start my day. Only advice: donít miss a dose. Best Matt


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