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Dear everyone,

How are ya?

As I have told in my other post I am from southeast asia and recently immigrated in USA. I have a hard time understanding this insurance process and the expenses on HIV meds is just too expensive if to be bought out of the pocket. Currently my insurance BCBS LA covers my BIKTARVY and Sulfa antibiotic.

I have some questions asking for your advice.

1) if I am going to transfer in another state and loose my employment insurance, what must I do to have an insurance while I am unemployed and not earning anything?

2) is unemployment due to resignation can be grounds to be accepted in Ryan white program?


my suggestion would be to talk to your doctor about this issue and see if they have someone dealing with insurance and Ryan White who might be able to answer some of your questions.

American's healthcare system is very complex and has a lot of gaps. If you were to lose insurance through your employer you could get COBRA insurance to fill in the gap before you are re-employed and get insurance again. However COBRA is quite expensive, which really makes it unaffordable when you're unemployed.

Immigrants can apply for Ryan White assistance based on low to zero income. However, RW does not cover all medical costs (it's only assistance); but immigrants are ineligible for MediCare or Medcaid.....however some states have expanded Medicaid to cover immigrants.

Our healthcare system is a hodge-podge of insurance and other payees so the situation in each state can be radically different. Your best bet is to find someone local (like at your physicans office or a nearby Ryan White clinic or the state Ryan White progam) to get a better answer to your questions.


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