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Positive Last august 15

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                ojo.        Hi there!…now that you have posted four times , you can PM with who ever you want…we understand you and hopefully we can make you feel better. I said before, it takes time to digest your diagnosis… we are here for you.


It has been 2 months and two weeks since I have been taken Biktarvy and I am glad to share to you that my viral load is less than 20/mL and that my cd 4 count is 249. That was fast!

Thank you for sharing your stories. It made me realize that there is hope in living with HIV/AIDS.


           Ojo.         Congratulations!!

Update: my latest cd4 count went to 301. That was fast.


              ojo.            hello there!… Thanks for the update and remember, your biktarvy only suppresses virus, and that’s the most important thing that you have to concentrate in. Your soldiers would increase with time. Usually, I pay more attention to my cd4 percentage, and not my cd4 absolute number. anyway, I’m happy for you now try to leave your knife and the fullest because there is life after HIB diagnosis… Hugs.


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