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Generic Biktarvy "Taffic" available in the US


Hi all, I am recently diagnosed and currently taking Biktary, which in the US is ridiculously expensive. In addition my insurance only allows me a 30 day supply. I religiously take my pill everyday and am scared of running out. I came across the website They are claiming to sell Taffic and offer up to a 2 year supply. The prices are very reasonable, I did call the phone number and talked with someone, seemed ????? Does anyone know of this or actually used them. I also realize and am most concern that if this is BS it could be dangerous.

If this violates any forum rules I apologize in advance.


--- Quote from: Charles.M on June 14, 2023, 09:30:45 am ---my insurance only allows me a 30 day supply

--- End quote ---
wouldn't that be a 30 day supply every month? Your doctor probably wrote a 30 day prescription with up to 5 refills. Check the label on the bottle for refill information and/or check with your doctor.

well as to that site, i didn't see things I would want to see. No address; no MD doctors; no recommendations, awards or affiliations from reputable agencies; a lot of unrelated stock photos on the webpage. This place seems to be out of India and may have a related Facebook page. Others may know more but IMHO I would not find this a reputable source of meds without knowing more.

Thanks leatherman i feel the same. Desperate times I guess. Sad that these kind of scams exist. Profiting on others misory and misfortune. I looked on the bottle 30 day supply with one refill? I assume she want to see how it is working first? To her credit she gave me a 30 day bottle to start on top of the script so i have a small buffer.

You can usually build up a buffer supply of meds by requesting refills a few days earlier each month. This is what I've done, and I generally have about three months of meds in my house.


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