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Due to weight gain and issues breathing on Genvoya and after that on Tivicay/Descovy I was about to take a treatment pause.

But I got the offer of my clinic to get a new doctor who looked into everything for a week and consulted me twice and came up with Delstrigo. She ensured me the weight gain while using steroids on INSTI'S is a major risk factor to gain wait and after consulting with some of her colleagues they prescribed Delstrigo.

Is someone on this, as the farmicist here didn't even know the drug and they had to import it from outside the country..

I'm 27 years and living for 8 years with hiv now, and my former doctor was just a mess, so I'm a bit scared to take the pill.

 Now I'm on no treatment since a week and my breathing Improved significantly, so I hope some here can tell me more about Delstrigo  :).

My CD4 = 1050
And VL = <30

Hi mate,

Itís been a while since you posted here and I just found your topic and decided to touch base.
I am on Delstrigo, switched from Edurant+Kivexa (RPV+ABC/3TC). The reason for the switch was terrible sleep quality (frequent nightmares), a few instances of suicidal thoughts, constant low energy and tiredness and constant constipation.
Apart from an initial rash which appeared with the first intake, I am pretty well - no signs of trouble sleeping and nasty thoughts, very good energy levels, excellent drug.
Stay healthy!

CD4 1148
VL <20


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