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Forum members virtual gathering - Friday 15th & Saturday the 16th of July

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Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: leatherman on July 16, 2022, 08:14:09 pm --- ;D ;D
just barely ;D had greater attendance...since I spent half my time cussing my laptop out trying to get google meet to work. Thanks for switching to zoom. I think...i THINK...I THINK I might have fixed the problem. I think it was the disable html5 ext on chrome that caused it. When Larry got home, I "borrowed" his phone (sorry honey. you can look at more porn in a minute. LOL) and ran my own meeting and, ah voilą, it worked. With sound! With video!! with my earbuds!!!

Can't wait to give it a whirl and try again next time.

--- End quote ---

Fabio and I had great fun watching and hearing you trying to troubleshoot the issue.  ;D
It was a good meeting, and looking forward to next time.


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