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Having savings when on SSDI, Medicare with Medicaid extra help


 I have inherited money.  Nothing lifestyle changing but something Iíd like to save for when Iím a senior citizen.  Iím in my early 50ís and I live in Ohio.

I could use a suggestion for someone to talk to about what my options are, if any.  Currently, my money is in a family members account (who I trust) but this isnít ideal for obvious reasons. 

As mentioned in the subject, I am on SSDI, Medicare and Medicaid extra help.  Would it be best to talk to an attorney or someone more familiar on the medical side?  I donít want to cause any red flags. My health isnít the best but itís not the worst.

Could I use this money to purchase a house? Am I allowed to have anything of value in my own name?

Just trying to survive in these crazy days.


Definitely get in touch with a lawyer


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