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support/resources for serodiscordant couples?


Hello all,

My husband recently tested positive for HIV during a routine screening test.  Pretty sure the flu-like illness he had in Oct 2021 was him seroconverting.  Fortunately he has been able to start treatment and has good access to appropriate medical care.  I am HIV negative (pending a repeat test to confirm).  I am a cis female and he is a cis male (bisexual).  We are in the U.S.

Is anyone aware of support/peer/socializing forums or resources for serodiscordant couples? 

I've been reading about the history of HIV/AIDS and the difference between HIV now and AIDS back then is astronomical.   The actual material changes to my husband's daily life are almost nothing.  He got diagnosed a couple months after seroconversion, he now takes 1 pill once a day that so far has not caused adverse effects, and he will have routine labs and doctor's visits to do.   

The biggest issue now might be the stigma and living in the shadow of this thing that used to mean death.

I am aware that when my husband's viral load is undetectable, the chance of him transmitting to me during unprotected sex is virtually zero.  I know I have the option of PreP and/or condoms in addition.  I still feel anxiety about it, and would love to talk to someone else in a serodiscordant sexual relationship.

Thanks for reading.


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