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After reading about it for a few years, CRISPR is about to be trialed in humans to excise HIV from cells.  The hope is that enough virus (including latent virus) can be removed from the body to accomplish a functional cure.  It has already worked on primates that have SIV.

new article on this this one is from facebook HIV long term survivors.

human trials ,    any thoughts

Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---human trials ,    any thoughts
--- End quote ---

The same thoughts I had in 2016 about Dr. Khalili work with CRISPR when they cured a mouse and in 2020 on the primate. Scientifically interesting but no other thoughts at such an early stage.

It's so interesting to follow this kind of novel treatments... one can only be hopeful  ;D :D :)

They have posted it on in December and recently updated the trail start date as Jan 2022. If only they would start the trail. It is a very interesting approach and trail. They want to start ATI within 3 months which is definitely very interesting


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