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Discordant couple local IVF resources help in Georgia or Southeast


My husband is + and I am not. He is virally suppressed for many years, but unfortunately has other medical conditions that don’t allow for natural conception - so we have to do IVF only. Our local Atlanta clinic that we started our work up with just told me they don’t have lab protocols in place for “sperm washing” for IVF and recommended we seek a comprehensive clinic that can do it all in house.

Anyone gone through this in Georgia and has any clinic resources??

I plan to call the big Atlanta hospital system fertility clinics tomorrow for guidance too. But this is incredibly frustrating to be told later in the process (but this notification delay is a separate issue itself)

I'm sorry to hear you are frustrated.  Both the health/ fertility issues and seeking help are tiring.

Probably the reason your IVF clinic don't have sperm washing protocols is that with an undetectable viral load there is no risk with or without sperm washing.  I hope that is of some comfort to you


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