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Feeling overwhelmed

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              ojo.            Hello everyone!… I also have those kind of feelings, feeling overwhelmed specially now, if you have read my thread, my mother has been the pillar since my diagnosis in 1994 and she Is still with me after 29 years, obviously now she will be90 years old in June
And now, have to take care of her and sometimes  is a little bit difficult with me being legally blind. The other day she fell down and I came downstairs to check on her and I almost step on her because I didn’t see her on the floor. That makes me feel frustrated, but we have to do what we have to do, we just keep fighting together taking care of each other.
Now that we are positive, we got to be more positive because we are not only dealing with a chronic condition but also, we are getting older and, if we want to keep living some more years, we have to keep fighting… I read a lot about the stoicism philosophy, and I think it has helped me to keep going strong, even with my  disabilities. Like yesterday, my mother needed a medication and there was nobody to help me taking me to the pharmacy, which is around 12 blicks from my house so, I went with my dog to get my mother‘s medication to the pharmacy, it was an adventure But I made it back safe and sound.… It’s OK to feel overwhelmed once in a while, but I think that we need to keep fighting because it we did it back in the day when there was no hope for us, now, for those who didn’t have the chance to be around, I think that we owe them to keep going… Humble opinion… Virtual hugs for every Friday

Grasshopper: did WHAT ?????......walked 12 blocks rondtrip WOW.....from me an applause and deep bow for what you've managed to do.


               ojo.             @grasshopper, yes, 12 blocks each way , when you  are almost blind, one eye with only tunnel vision and seeing everything blurry and foggy, bad cornea, and walking on uneven sidewalks, crossing busy streets, dealing with dogs, it was an adventure, thankfully when I got into the pharmacy, where I couldn’t see anyrhing but the
De Pharmacy’s employees helped me get my mom’s meds…I guess I have to keep going places so I can’t start losing my fears…I walk my dogs, well, now just one dog, around the block several times a day, although I know the route pretty good, uneven sidewalks, where to dock down because of tree’s branches, wrc., etc., you know how bad somebody has it and did you put yourself in his/her shoes… thanks for replying… Hearts.

Ps Forgive my typos


               ojo.          @ grasshopper. By the way, I was carrying my blind eye in a glass jar as you suggested on previous post. (I got my blind eye removed on march 19) and sadly, I’m still having the same pay. I used to have before the surgery…. it is what it is. Life goes on…hugs

My aunt was warned by her surgeon about the possible phantom pain if her blind eye were to be removed. She still has the eye in, causing continuous infections in her tear ducts. She is also very vain the age of 70....and worries about her appearance if the eye were to be removed. She eventually lost sight in both eyes, but only one is problematic. I am not the one walking in her shoes, so I have decided not to bring up the issue anymore and just listen. Next Friday I'll be crossing the Atlantic again and will see her soon.
Hang in there....if life gives you lemons make lemonade  ;)


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