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          ojo.             @ grasshopper, thanks for your reply. As a matter fact, the reason why it took me so long to get rid of my blind eye, is precisely the possibility of the phantom pain but, The pain that  I was getting was unbearable and daily so I decided to go under the knife. Now, after two months of my surgery, I am getting pain,, the same page that I used to get before the surgery, but it is not that often. Tomorrow, I will see the surgeon and see what he has to say.… Now, I’m not sure if I want to get a prosthesis or just wear an eyepatch and look like a pirate. I have a friend who wears an eyepatch and looks cool. My friend lost his eye since he was a three years old baby. She got an inoculation surgery. I think the surgeon took the whole eye out in my case, it was an evisceration, where they just took the iris, pupil, and the inside of my eye leaving just the sclera in, The white part of the eye.… Well, it is what it is, let’s see what the doctor says tomorrow… I am sorry I said that somebody has to be in somebody else’s shoes to know to really know what he/she is going through. Again, thanks for replying, and have a good trip. I think you live somewhere in Europe, don’t you?…hugs

PS. please Forget My typos my vision got worse and I couldn’t go back and check the post

No offence taken regarding the "shoe" remark. In my talks with her I was kind of pushing her into getting the eye removed. But I realised that its she that has to live with her disability. If her "looks" are the only thing she has left to hold on to...who am I to say different.

I was born and raised in The Netherlands and live near Amsterdam. My parents now live permanently in Curacao, and I have an aunt living in Aruba. I travel two to three times a year to the Caribean to visit them.


           ojo.           @ grasshopper… Wow!, It must be nice to go to the Caribbean… enjoy…hugs


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