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My friend with a very low CD4 in Thailand

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--- Quote from: ZachR on November 19, 2019, 02:34:25 pm ---I think your friend is the luckiest man on earth to have a friend like you. What you are doing to help your friend has greatly inspired me. :)

--- End quote ---

Agree, your friend is very lucky to have someone like you on his side.

I'm concerned about this story. There are indications all through it that ATVs have been taken without medical supervision and possibly as a monotherapy.

Stop playing roulette and get under medical care and be honest about this wild west approach you're all taking with your friend's health.

He is under a doctors care.  The problem was the government hosptitals were very slow.  Hence went to an NGO and doctor who supplies ARVs to about 2800 people in the province with support of local government. 

He never took monotherapy.  He took Complera when he could not get a script from government hospital.  He was in contact with the NGO.

His genotype came back and they (the doctor lead NGO) replaced  his TDF/FTC/RPV with lopinavir + ritonavir /AZT/3TC.  They continued the Septrin that he started on from pharmacy and added fluconazole because they found him crypto antigen positive. 

I have paid for the lab tests, medicines, and doctor fees for the non government costs. 

Once his Viral load is undetectable and he is out of danger from OIs the NGO will transfer primary care over to a local sub distict hospital. 

They will only do CD4 tests every 6 months and  VL once per year.  There never would have been a crypto antigen test.  And he will only see doctor once a month. 

Currently he sees a doctor every week.  Gets appropriate lab tests weekly, had a genotype (not done routinely in Thai government hospitals) test done.  And gets appropriate ART.   The NGO doctor can admit him to government hospital or he can go to  Emergency room if necessary.  He now has government health card.

Thanks for sharing but your concern is misplaced.

This aint my first rodeo, Sport.

Maybe go watch Dallas Buyers Club (2013) if you want Wild West HIV stories and some cowboy hats.

Personally I think youíre a compassionate and cautious man Expat (Iím assuming youíre a man) and youíre doing an amazing job. Anyways, itís not my intention to offend anybody. Iím simply expressing my personal opinion.

BTW, Dallas Buyers Club is an amazing movie.


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