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I am wondering if I will be doing more harm than good if I spend the weeked with Marco (okay Rob, but he is the one who gave away his identity not me :o) by exposing him to my germs.  I have bronchitis (sp?).  I get it every year or so.  It is my understanding that a bronchial infection is not contagious, so therefore there is no risk to him.  I am trying to get on some antibiotics before I travel and that usually clears it up.




I think the main question to ask is, ''What does, er...'Marco' want to have happen?"  Is he up for the company?  Feel like being alone?  Just make sure you keep the communication lines completely open in an ongoing way & both are at ease with being bluntly honest.  Sometimes either of you may just want YOU time, and that it perfectly normal and to be expected.  Otherwise, I don't think there would be any particularly perilous threat to you visiting. 

I'm no doctor, so I can't say 100%, but I think you should be OK.  If anyone else thinks otherwise, I imagine they will chime in.


If antibiotics can clear up the "bronchitis"  then it is caused by some  type of organism.... and not just an irritation  or rash....... I would be very careful about being around anyone with an impaired  immunity ( HIV+ ) if I had anything that needed medication to clear.......  my DR even schedules me early in the appointment list so that I don't sit in the waiting room with "sick" people...he even advises to stay away from crowds...malls, theaters,stores etc....... I go to a lot of early matinees for movies and shop Tues afternoon at the store/mall  to keep the exposure down....

I am also not a DR but I have survived more than 20 yrs of this stuff....

HI scottttt....

I would be careful.  When I was recovering from PCP I wasn't allowed to go out either.  Malls, stores, PO....anywhere, it didn't matter.  I would bundle up with lots of layers and go with my brother just because I had to get out of the house.  But then I would stay in the car while he did the shopping.  If it's bronchitis and not contagous then it's not a problem but if you think you might have a cold or flu, tnen be careful.  He's only been diagnosed a little over a month and he still needs to get his strenth back and his immune system back in some sort of order.

 I know it's New Year's weekend and it would be nice to be together.  What does Rob want?  Like Tim says, ask him and if he's up for it, then go ahead.   

By the way, it's important you don't act any differently around him.  Don't be afraid of him.  Don't walk around like you're on egg shells or something.  Don't be asking him all the time how's he's feeling.  Don't spoil him.  Be yourself.

Happy New Year.



--- Quote from: Robert on December 28, 2006, 09:03:12 pm ---
Don't be asking him all the time how's he's feeling. 

--- End quote ---

Amen. That's enough to drive a person crazy. 



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