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Cholesterol high... could it be my meds? (isentress/descovy)


trying to find out if the hiv combo is affecting my lipid levels.  I've been on isentress/truvada since I first started taking hiv meds in 2010.  My dr. switched from truvada to descovy in april 2017.  before taking my hiv meds in 2010, I have struggled before with above 200 cholesterol because of my tendency to eat way too much sugar, sweets, chocolate, carbs; sometimes binge on them.  When I had adjusted my diet in the past, I was able to bring those numbers under 200.  Since starting hiv meds in 2010, I'm looking at the chart where I keep track of my numbers that my cholesterol has continued to go up since then.  I have adjusted my diet, trying to reduce drastically sugar, sweets, carbs, and was surprised when my bloodwork on 9/11 had my cholesterol at 269.  highest its ever been.  my hdl was also the highest its ever been (which is good) but my ldl and total have gone up.  Link below to my chart.  I'll be 53 in November.  I'm a pretty active person.  play racquetball and do all my own yardword; mowing, etc, have a full time job and side job that keep me busy.  trying to figure out what is going on.  is it the meds?  is it age? combo of both?  I'm being more strict and careful with my diet now.  my dr has been trying to push statins on me for a long time...I just don't want to go on more meds.  too much conflicting information on statins...even among doctors.  thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to shed some light on this.

Not sure where I've heard this, but have heard that increasing the amount of soluble fibre in you diet can assist with Cholesterol levels.

If there's a nutritionist at your HIV health clinic it'd be worth having a chat to them.

I've been on Isentress for years, never had issues around Cholesterol on that, but no experience with descovy

Ive been on statins 14 yrs i have no choice keeps your arteries  from clogging  up etc. Millions take statins without  major side effects. also we are what we eat. But high cholesterol  can be in your dna.


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