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Low testosterone and testogel

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There are some natural testosterone boosters like Brazil nuts. Have you tried those?

Hi Paintedroom,

Reading your post with great interest. I asked my ID Doc (I believe we are in the same country) about similar lack of morning wood problems, and occasional ED, and general feeling tired and aged. I asked him about for TRT. Tested my testo levels, I got a 17 (on the measurement we use here in Ireland), he told me this was a higher average for a 50 year old man, and would not give me any TRT, he said my testo is not low enough to have a "valid medical reason for TRT".

He also told me not to be paying attention to news from the USA on middle-aged men getting TRT, as he feels it is just pushed too much over there.

I was a bit pissed off with this answer, so he agreed to run my testo level again, probably just to shut me up. I'll find out these week what they are as my next ID visit is tomorrow. I hold no hope of winning my argument for TRT.

can you stop trt once you start it ?


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