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HIV Elite Controllers Study at MGH


I am updating information about our Elite Controllers Study at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA.  We are investigating how some people are able to control the virus without medication, like some of the participants in this forum who have contributed to our study.  We are looking at host genetic, immune system, and viral characteristics in an effort to understand the natural mechanisms by which HIV is controlled in this unique set of individuals.  We hope this knowledge will translate into better vaccines or treatments.  Travel to Boston is not required for participation; we work with participants' local physicians.  Eligibility criteria include age 18-75, documentation of HIV positive status, and viral loads consistently under 2000 (some measurements above 2000 acceptable as long as they are the minority) in the absence of medication.  A history of previous antiretroviral treatment does not disqualify as long as viral loads are under 2000 on 3 separate measurements for at least a year following discontinuation of anti-HIV medicine.  Coinfection with Hepatitis B or C is also permitted.   If you think you may be eligible and are interested in participating, please call our dedicated research line at 617-726-5536.  You will either reach our research assistant or may leave a confidential voice message.  You may also learn more by visiting our study website at

Hi Folks...

This thread was authored by Dr. Peggy Ueda from the Partners Organization (Dr. Bruce Walker's group) and done in response to my request last month to please post, using laymen's terms, the new definition of their "Long Term Non-Progression" clincial research study.

Our 'manchesteruk' (Chris) had asked me to make this request, before the change-over to our new format.

Just lettin' you know.



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