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Re: 12 or 13 weeks - any real difference? Oraquick Question!


Any difference in terms of reliability w/ the Serodia particle agglutination - HIV-1/HIV-2 test?

I took that test 100 days post possible exposure (14 weeks, 2 days) and came out negative. As with the people who simply cannot accept a negative result at 13 weeks or so, i sometimes flip out and think what if im still in the window period, etc etc. it sucks, i know. im even planning to get another test, this time a 3rd generation ELISA but also stopping myself and saying to myself that im too paranoid.

my risky escapade: protected intercourse w/ a female sex worker, condom did not break, unprotected receptive oral sex, kissing too.

symptoms: spots on left foot from an injury that hasnt gone away for almost 4 months, hairy whitish tongue with a depapillated area. have gone to doctors for both and for the spots = doctor says they may be bruise "stains" - gave me whitening complex a month ago - no visible effect; for the tongue, ENT hasnt made any diagnosis yet but told me to take multi-vitamins (which i havent been doing for almost a year - possible vitamin deficiency), use tongue scraper, drink plenty of water (i've had dry mouth/chapped lips even before) gargle with mouthwash - all in the course of 2 weeks, and then a follow-up visit to see the results. asked him if it's an infection, he says, "i dont think so".

it's weird that sometimes when you think you have HIV you suddenly see "symptoms". this may be valid, but hopefully, im just imagining things.

so going back, is a 14-month, 2-day, negative result using Serodia PA - HIV1/2 rapid screening test reliable and conclusive? i dont want to test and  be filled w/ the anxiety of waiting anymore :( but more importantly, i dont want to have the anxiety of worrying everytime i see "symptoms".

thanks to you all

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i was trying to avoid duplication of posts with regards to similar queries.. but if you insist, ill post anew ;)


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