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Please do not lock me. It is me again, I posted the old forum, wiping blood causes HIV?, and mentioned that I tasted someone's blood from the outside environment(indirect contact), possibly incident on between March 23-24). and would like need your help. and I wondered, if my 8th week test negative equal to 12/13 weeks?  I stil have white tongue, and just rectnly having cough phelm. I went to the health clinci on April 14th at 3 weeks, it came out negative result. and then on May 16th, I tested again at 8th week, it came out negative. Want to know if anything symtoms I am having right now are nothing to do with HIV symptoms?
Should I take the test again this month at the 12/13 weeks.(next week or two weeks). I am having OCD and anxiety problem.

Matty the Damned:
There is nothing that you describe in this new thread that is a risk for HIV. Seek the help of a mental health professional.



It is extremely rare for an 8 week negative to change at 12/13 weeks.  It almost never happens.  On top of that, it appears that you never really had a risk to begin with.

Stop googling hiv symptoms and go celebrate your negative status.



You were given a four week time out on April 30th which has expired.

You were told repeatedly in the old forum that you did not have a risk of infection and you did not need to test. Your eight week negative is conclusive because you didn't have a risk.

If you continue using this forum for a substitute for the face-to-face support you need, you will be given another time out.



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