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Oral and blood question

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My question is about unprotected oral on woman. I had such encounter few months ago and as i notice after from my fingers, there were blood under and around my nails. It was possibly a scratch i made by fingering her, lady wasnot on her period as she sayd..
So im little bit worried about situation, as after fingering i made oral on her and protected sex also (i notice  blood on condom also after)
Any advise?

Matty the Damned:
There is no risk for HIV from what you describe. HIV is transmitted through unprotected anal and/or vaginal sex or through sharing contaminated injecting equipment. Consult the lessons section of this site to learn about how HIV is transmitted.

And before you ask, no you do not need to test.


Thx a lot! I dont ask :)


After being a member of the forums as alexcom since October 2004 and clocking up 222 posts, (many giving others advice) I think it would be reasonable to expect you to know that you had no risk in what you describe.

Please read through the Welcome Thread at the top of this forum and click on the Lesson links found there.


Ann, thx for reminding.
It was already few years i last vivited aidsmeds and as i saw page was totally new and ofcourse i didnt remember my last passwords, so i made a new account. Im sorry.
Also, smtimes you need advise also from other people, even you may know answers. It seems, it was my case this time.
Anyway once again, im sorry. You could delete my old account, this time i put my passwords in safe place to not forget them!


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