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please help dont bann!! Thanks ann

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Hi, okay since we have a new website i will make  a new account with the same thread with some more question. i promise will not any more thread and new account because i need help
from you guy.
Earlier i check the thread about the condom, let see if i dont use it correctly so the im sure that infected. i have exposure with hookers.
My symtoms are thrush, dandruff, rash, headache and diareaha sqqueeze stomatch( its painful). well i have 5 months negative hiv home access test. My worries is my hiv test is not accurate. because the symstom that attack me at once. Im concern that if i dont have accurate test i  will become aids and its been 1 year and 4 months. Please help

Matty the Damned:

If you used a condom then you have nothing to worry about. Are you saying that you didn't use the condom properly?


yeah, it can be that im not used it properly and the symtoms that i experienced. All im worried is my test not accurate and i will become aids if i dont get it treat.
Thanks for a quick reply.

Matty the Damned:
Yeah, well I suspect you did use the condom properly and this is all about your symptoms.

Symptoms mean NOTHING when it comes to HIV. I'll go even further out on the limb and suggest that your test result was accurate too.


How can you not use a condom properly exactly? You lost me on that one. You either had it on or you didn't, it's not complicated.

Also, you said it's 5 months, then you also said it's been "1 year and 4 months"...which is it? I gather English is not your first language; you'll have to do better at communicating if you want us to understand what you are saying.


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