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On Saturday I had a pro-viral test for HIV.  This is meant to have a 96% rate of accuracy for a negative result - i.e. if negative, then 96% chance is the result is correct.  There's also a very small chance of false-positives <1% apparently.

Can someone please tell me, does the test cover only HIV-1 or both HIV-1 and 2?

Should I retest at the 3-month?  I'm assuming I get a negative result...

Also, following on from my other thread.  Said spot seems to have died down now (and hasn't spread).  I'm hoping it was just focullitis or something - which could make sense 'cause I spent the last couple of weeks in a hot environment scuba-diving wearing a wet-suit etc and picked up loads of other spots all over my legs etc from mosquito bites and stuff.  Given the doctor said it was uncharacteristic of herpes - what do you guys reckon?

Test results out on Tuesday for clymmidia (sp), gonn, herpes, Pro-viral etc.  Fingers crossed.  Have to have a syphilis follow up 'cause they couldn't test on Sat for that.

You guys have been a great help btw!  I've smoked more cigarettes in the past two days than in last two years though.


It helps us to help you when you keep all your additional thoughts or questions in one thread. With this in mind, I'm locking this one so you can return to your original thread

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