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For Kate (Penguin)

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To our dearest Kate, you left us far too soon but you will be forever young and beautiful, those of us who loved you will have to grow old without you, I hope you recognise us when we finally get to meet again.

It's been a long 3 years Kate but we have never forgotten you.

In sadness
Jan :'(

Thank you Jan for always remembering.

This is a really horrible time of year for me with so many painful sad memories

It makes me feel a bit better to know the people who love her still remember her.

Matthew x

Believe me Matthew as long as we have breath in our bodies Kate will never be forgotten.

hugs to you during this sad time.
Jan  :'(

She sounds like another great person I missed the opportunity to know.  When I see these tributes from those I respect, I know the person was loved. 


I can't believe that 5 years have now passed since we said goodbye Kate, but nothing has changed in our hearts, you are still missed as much today as you were the day you left us.

I hope you are still at peace and playing with your Penguins.

In love and sadness
Jan  :'(


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