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TORONTO 2005 pictures needed ALSO 2006 Montreal will be needed


I am putting together a commemorative dvd of 2005 Toronto and 2006 Montreal.  I did take a bunch of pictures there, but that was only a fraction of the pictures taken.   I would love to include shots other people took while up there.   If you have pictures, please post a link to where they are uploaded to.... or if you haven't uploaded them yet, please do so ( is a great spot for this)

Any help ANYONE can be would be much appreciated.   I plan on putting together a dvd of the 2005 and 2006 events and will mail a copy to everyone attending at no charge.   I'll just need your addresses which i'll request up in Montreal.

I also need help with content for the 2006 portion.. I need and want video and pictures, so anybody who can take them, please do so...  I can't be everywhere at once and don't want to miss some of the best times for inclusion in this commemorative dvd.

I'm not sure quite what to expect or the format yet... hell, this will be my first.. but hey, it's free for those attending :)   Please realize it may take a couple months after the actual event till it's compiled and mailed.  Even though some worship me, I am not a god in the miracle working department.  I'm merely a demi-god who has to have development time.

I plan on uploading a similar copy of the final dvd to youtube for everyone... though I may be more copyright restricted there, so it may have some changes like music.

Cool Bailey then we know what to expect at Christmas time from you. The Bailey CD AMG collection.


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