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Peter Staley:
Okay -- let's hope this helps improve things for everyone!


Hi Peter,

The welcome sticky similiar to the one in the Living with HIV forum, would be nice here as well.  The one that provides links to the lessons and general posting guidelines. 


At the same time, hopefully there aren't a lot of posts here.

This is a good forum.. but how do you define "just tested".. a day, a week, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months?

i'd define it as anyone who feels they are newly diagnosed... it's more a personal description than anything.  That may be somebody who just got their results or somebody who has known for some time, but not really come out of the hiv 'closet'.

No time limits, no requirements... can somebody who has been poz for years post in this forum?   Hell yah! 

As a suggestion, perhaps it would be prudent to preen the 'living with' forum and move some of the 'newly diagnosed' threads here.  (of course with proper notation to indicate that it isn't being moved for any 'bad' reason')  I know i'd be scared as hell to post in an empty forum.

I just suggest that because some might be afraid to post in an 'empty' forum.   I'm sure ann will be along shortly to add her welcome thread to this forum.


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