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Antidepressants - everyone is doing it!

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According to the CDC antidepressants are the most prescribed drug in the United States. I work in mental health and I'm not sure how I feel about that statistic. On one hand I'm glad that people are being treated for depression. On the other hand it looks like we have a lot of unhappy Americans. It says something when more Americans need an antidepressant then need antibiotics or cholesterol medications, particularly with America's obesity problem. How many people who are on antidepressants are clinically depressed and how many are looking for happiness in a pill? I know the difference but I'm not sure a lot of primary care physicians, who prescribe a lot of these meds, understand that being unhappy doesn't mean someone is clinically depressed.

One thing is perfectly clear though: I should be working for a pharmaceutical company.

I agree with much of what you say. Not sure if I am clinically depressed, but one thing is for sure function much better since starting Wellburtin 300XL.

When they first told me i was hiv I didnt take any antidepressants
Years later, when my lover of 12 yrs wanted to leave me, because i just started meds , plus i was going
though menopause, i started freaking out..
So my therapist put me on lexapro..It did nothing for me so i got off..Iam on enough meds and really dont
want to be on any more than i have to..
Iam off antidepressants and feel the same way without them..........The mind is a powerful tool if you know
how to use it..
This is for some people  not all..capeesh???

Miss Philicia:
For one thing I don't believe Primary Care Physicians should prescribe these things, a psychiatrist should.  How many PCP's really know what they're doing.

I'm off of them myself for the past year.  After trying about 6-7 of them over an equal period of years I've decided they do absolutely nothing for me.  My depression is too situational, directly related to lipo.  I never had depression issues previous to that.  HIV diagnosis did NOT make me depressed.  Looking at Skeletor in the mirror did.

I already wrote in another thread why I have passed up the opportunity to be placed on antidepressants as I feel I need to work through my issues without medication. I think that the medications are over prescribed and I blame both the pharmaceutical industry as well as a population that constantly looks for "cures" to everything.

On a related note however I must admit I am taken back to read that you work in mental health as based on your one thread entitled, "There are a lot of miserable people here" in relation to what you perceived as people being too dark and negative and you drawing a correlation between HIV and mental health issues. At the time I thought it was rather uneducated a view, but now with you stating your mental health background I really find it sort of shocking that that you would use such a choice of words to initiate a discussion on mental health and HIV.

While I agree with you on the anti depressant point, I do implore you to avoid labeling people as miserable (whether on this board or in your work) if someone is having issues with darkness. As someone who does battle it I can tell you that such labels are damaging to the overall discussion and the ability to help a person who faces such things.


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